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Target Vocabulary: 

1) Employ – a business employs their workers, to give work to someone

2) Self-employed – this term is used to refer to someone that works for themselves independently or is their own boss or an owner of a business

3) Unemployed – this is used for someone that does not have a job

4) Coworkers – a person with whom one works, typically someone that works alongside you

5) Rewarding – something that provides satisfaction and is gratifying

6) Challenging – testing your ability, difficult, demanding

7) To get off work – a phrase to finish your time at work for the day, when you leave work

8) Shift – the time someone is at work, a scheduled period of work

9) Salary – the amount of money one makes, usually refers to the amount of money made in a year

10) Wage – the amount of money one makes, usually refers to an hourly or daily rate

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