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Target Vocabulary:

1)I hope all is well…

2) I’m writing to…

3) I wanted to…

4) I’m reaching out because…

5) Thanks for your quick reply.

6) I apologize for the late response.

7) (This is) just a quick/friendly reminder…

8) Just a quick heads up that…

9) Do you have some availability…?

10) I’m looking forward to…

11) (Please) Let me know… if you have any questions.

12) (Please) Let me know… your thoughts.

13) Please keep me in the loop/updated/posted.

14) Best wishes.

15) (Please) Don’t hesitate to reach back out if you have more questions.

16) I’m in the ____________ when you’re ready.

17) No rush.

Quizlet Vocabulary Emails/Phone Messaging Set:

As you complete each exercise in the Quizlet app, click the box next to it below to track your progress.


Read this article about business email structure and phrases. Focus your attention mostly on the Business Email Template. Try to use this template when writing emails for the exercises below.