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Target Phrases:

1) Feel known – The feeling that someone or a group of other people know you well and understand you

2) Inclined – To feel favorably toward a person, idea or thing. Also, to be more likely to act a certain way

3) Break into – To gain access or ability to do something. To start something that required effort or seemed difficult

4) Introduce yourself – To make yourself known by name to someone else formally

5) Stick (your hand) out – To move your hand toward another person, usually in order to shake their hand as a professional greeting

6) Acquaintance – A person you know a little bit, but not a close friend

7) Connections – People you have social or professional contact with, especially people who have influence or ability to offer you help

8) Gatekeepers – People who can give you access to valuable people, information, or resources

9) Recognize – To identify, notice or realize something for the first time. To notice someone that you’ve met before

10) Develop – To grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced or elaborate

Quizlet Vocabulary Networking 1 Set:

Click the link below to go to our Quizlet Business English course. If you haven’t created an account with Quizlet before, you’ll need to create an account, but its free. Once you’ve created an account, be sure to click “Join course” so you get credit for studying! Remember, completing Quizlet exercises is required to earn your completion certificate for the course. Then download the app on your phone so you can easily study when you’re not in front of your computer. As you complete each exercise in the Quizlet app, click the box next to it below to track your progress. (For example, once you’ve finished the “Learn” exercise in Quizlet for the Networking 1 set, check the box next to “Learn” below.)

Networking Tool Exercises:

Complete the exercises in the PDF below.

Business English Networking Tool 1