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Target Phrases:

1) I remember thinking…

2) I originally got passionate about this field when…

3) “I decided to become a ….”

4) … because I want to create an impact on…

5) … because I want to use my skills to one day…

6) I see myself…

7) Bring to the table

8) I’m good at … + ing verb

9) I ___verb____ well.

10) I would love to work for this company.

Quizlet Vocabulary Interviewing 1 Set:

As you complete each exercise in the Quizlet app, click the box next to it below to track your progress.

Reading 1:

Read and complete the questions/exercises for the “Interview Confidence Tool”.

Interview Confidence Tool

Reading 2:

Click the link below and read the Sample Interview Transcript 1.

Sample Interview