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Target Phrases:

1) Show value – To display as valuable

2) Bring (value) to the table – the quality or skills you possess

3) Intentional – On purpose, planned

4) Follow up – Communication that comes after the initial conversation

5) Upcoming – Coming soon

6) Non-personal – Not about someone’s private life

7) Brainstorm – To think about and write down ideas quickly

8) Awkward – A feeling of uneasiness or embarrassment

9) Stick in your memory – To remain in your memory

10) Setting – The place of environment where an event takes place

11) Leading up to – Refers to a period of time before an event

12) Open-ended – A question that cannot be answered with “yes” or “no”

13) Venture – A new, often risky undertaking

14) On the horizon – In the near future

15) Foresee – To anticipate or expect something in the future

16) Line of work – The type of work or industry you’re in


Quizlet Vocabulary Networking 2 Set:

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Networking Tool Exercises:

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