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Target Phrases:

1) I’m hearing a lot of background noise.

2) Your sound is breaking up. OR You’re cutting out.

3) I’m hearing some echo.

4) Looks like we’ve lost a couple of people.

5) Your video is freezing. OR Your screen has frozen.

6) Sorry about that everyone, let’s jump back in.

7) Any others want to chime in on this problem?

8) Looks like we lost ________. _________, could you text him to see what’s up? Can you all see me? Can you all hear me?

9) Let’s “troubleshoot” the problem.

10) What part of the screen is that _______ button on?

11) I followed your instructions for the first two steps, but I’m stuck on step 3. I’m on the settings screen, and I’m looking for the ________ button.

Quizlet Vocabulary Video Calls 2 Set:

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