How to Use “So”

Using the word “so” can be tricky. Turks learning English often ask about this topic because we use the word “so” in SO many different ways!

Watch this video and use the practice exercises below to help you start using “so” like a native English speaker today!

Welcome to your How to Use “So”

1. You can use ‘so’ when you mean that something is ‘very, very.’

2. "So" is only used with adverbs (ex: badly, sadly, sweetly), but not adjectives  (beautiful, awful, careful).

3. This is an example sentence using ‘so’ + ‘that’. Fill in the blanks!  
 He is late ___ ________ _____ it makes me think he doesn’t care about his job.

4. Fill in the blank with ‘so’ + an adjective: 
I felt ___ _________ about the meeting with our clients last week, that I expected to hear back from them by now.

5. Choose the correct sentence.

6. Write a sentence using ‘so’ + 1 of the adverb vocabulary words below.

7. Write a sentence using ‘so’ + 1 of the adjective vocabulary words below.

8. For extra practice, make 10 example sentences using ‘so’ + each of the vocabulary words:

Vocab Words: 

5 Adverbs:

Eagerly, Urgently, Effortlessly, Halfheartedly, Extravagantly

5 Adjectives: 

Dedicated, Mischievous, Ambitious, Radiant, Organized

Ready to start using these words in your everyday English? Download the flashcard deck and start speaking like a native English speaker today!,

Shadowing Exercise:

Shadowing Exercise Transcript:

Last night’s derby was so intense. I can’t believe that we lost so badly. There was so much hype going into the game, but we just didn’t play well. It was sooooo disappointing. I was so frustrated after the game that I threw my bowl of popcorn.

Response / Challenge Question: 

This wasn’t discussed in the video, but we would love your thoughts! Do you think that you can use the word ‘so’ at the beginning of a sentence?