How To Talk About Your Job in English

Ready to feel confident talking about your job in English? Look no further.

From talking with English-speakers you’ve just met to describing more aspects of your job to an English speaker at your company, this video lesson will equip you to talk about your job no matter the setting. 


Welcome to your How to Talk About Your Job

1.) You work as a teacher at a middle school. Which is INCORRECT?

2.) What is the correct definition of “employer”?

3.) Which of the following is INCORRECT?

4.) “I work _____ finance.”

5.) “I find my job very _______ because my work helps a lot of people.”

For extra practice, make a sentence using one or more of the vocabulary words below.

Vocab Words: 

1) Employ – a business employs their workers, to give work to someone

2) Self-employed – this term is used to refer to someone that works for themselves independently or is their own boss or an owner of a business

3) Unemployed – this is used for someone that does not have a job

4) Coworkers – a person with whom one works, typically someone that works alongside you

5) Rewarding – something that provides satisfaction and is gratifying

6) Challenging – testing your ability, difficult, demanding

7) To get off work – a phrase to finish your time at work for the day, when you leave work

8) Shift – the time someone is at work, a scheduled period of work

9) Salary – the amount of money one makes, usually refers to the amount of money made in a year

10) Wage – the amount of money one makes, usually refers to an hourly or daily rate

Shadowing Exercise:

Listen to each statement from an American English speaker. Then try to repeat each phrase to practice talking like a native English speaker.

Shadowing Exercise Transcript:

A: What do you do for a living?
B: I work in the tourism sector.
A: Oh, great. Where do you work?
B: I work for Hilton Hotels.
A: I’ve heard good things about that hotel chain. What do you do for them?
B: I’m the Public Relations Director.
A: Nice. Do you enjoy it?

B: Yes, very much. At times I find my job challenging because I deal with angry customers sometimes. But I also find my job rewarding because I get to see many people experience a relaxing vacation.

Response / Challenge Question: 

Type out a pretend conversation between you and someone you just met. The other person is asking you about your job and you should use some of the phrases from the lesson.