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In 2015 two American couples named the Reynolds and Larsens dreamed of starting a business together overseas. After visiting Turkey, both families fell in love with the land and the people, and decided it was the place to launch their business. In late 2016, the two families moved to Turkey and first began learning Turkish and doing more specific market research.

Three things quickly became clear:

1) Plenty of English centers and courses already existed.

2) The majority of Turkish working professionals had learned basic English grammar before but struggled to speak confidently.

3) They struggled to speak confidently because they didn’t have consistent opportunities to practice with native English speakers.

With that, Fener English Consulting was born.

There was no need to start another English center to walk people through basic English grammar courses. What Turks needed most was 1-1 or small group lessons with native English-speaking instructors.

At Fener English Consulting, we offer this exact support, closely following our students and directing our lesson-planning energy toward the goals they want to achieve, with a human-centered approach to our services.

We describe ourselves as an American team that “is very familiar with the mistakes Turks often make when speaking English because we work solely with Turks and our core team spent years studying the Turkish language and knows it well.” In light of this knowledge and unique experience we bring to the table, we empower our students to overcome these mistakes through our high-quality, conversation-oriented English lessons.

Meet the Fener English Team


Founder, Board of Advisors

Degree: International Studies
Specializes in: Interview Prep, Public Speaking, Corporate English
Interests: Family, organizational health, running
Favorite thing about Turkey: Turkish people – the family feel and the way Turks love kids, kahvaltı


Board of Advisors

Degree: Sociology
Specializes in: Financial English, Vocabulary, Sentence Structure
Interests: Literature, traveling, videography, hanging out with his wife and kids
Favorite thing about Turkey: Cappadocia, Antalya, THE PEOPLE!!


CEO & Lead instructor

Degree: Marketing
Specializes in: Business English, Communication Skills, Building Vocabulary, Test Prep., Travel and Tourism-related English
Interests: Writing, music, outdoor activities
Favorite thing about Turkey: The mountains and sea so close together



Degree: BS in Marine Transportation, CELTA program through Cambridge
Specializes in: Aviation and Business English (especially Maritime and Finance)
Interests: Surfing, cooking, long distance running
Favorite thing about Turkey: Restaurants and cafes on the Bosphorus



Degree: Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Business, Teaching Certifications in Teaching English as second or foreign language
Specializes in: Teaching Children and Adolescents English
Interests: Arts such as painting, drawing, and costume design at my local theater, photography, and other creative projects.
Favorite thing about Turkey: My favorite thing about Turkey is my students. The children and their enthusiasm for telling me about how interesting their world is, and how different Turkey is from America. It is surely a place I would love to travel to one day.



Degree: Bachelors in Communication, Master of Arts in Education with a TESL/TEFL focus
Specializes in: Academic English, Pronunciation, TOEFL Prep
Interests: Hiking, skiing, camping
Favorite thing about Turkey: The Sea, eggplant and the culture



Degree: BA Psychology, MA Cross-Cultural Studies (9+ years consulting, coaching and teaching experience internationally)
Specializes in: Business English, Business Consulting, Cross-cultural Communication
Interests: Fitness, Sports, Guitar, Movies, Spiritual Development, Travel and learning about other cultures
Favorite thing about Turkey: Amazing travel destinations like Pamukkale, Antalya & Cappadocia



Degree: Business Management Certification TESOL
Specializes in: Corporate English, Conversational, Grammar, Reading, Writing
Interests: Dancing, music, cooking, hiking, travel
Favorite thing about Turkey: People are very welcoming. Food such as Köfte, Şiş kebab, and Baklava. I really want to try the seafood. I do miss my Turkish coffee.



Degree: Geology
Specializes in: Speaking, Writing, Science/Medical Field
Interests: Football/soccer, travel, outdoor fun, reading
Favorite thing about Turkey: The amazing history and hospitable people



Degree: AAS Associate Arts & Sciences, TEFL
Specializes in: Academically Speaking: Language, Film, and History, Grammatical Concepts, Conversational English
Interests: Languages, cultural anthropology, ethnology, film studies, traveling, cooking, history
Favorite thing about Turkey: Hard to pick just one! Hospitality and Turkish Cuisine (which includes Turkish Tea)



Degree: Film and Videography
Specializes in: Speaking, Writing, Business/Professional English, Conversational English
Interests: Videography, photography, music, coffee, getting out in nature
Favorite thing about Turkey: Turkish hospitality

Fener English Success Stories

Fener English Consulting is different because my teacher is a native English speaker. She prepares her conversational lessons based on my goals according to where I need to improve. I also love that I speak with the same teacher every time. Thank you Fener English. I’m so glad I have you.

Hacer, Cabin Crew, Turkish Airlines

I took Business English and General English lessons for three months. Fener English team is really professional. In addition, they customize lessons for your needs. I strongly recommend Fener English to everyone.

Hakan, Sales Professional, Pharmaceutical Sector

I needed to learn English for my dream job as a pilot. After meeting Fener English, I feel ready for all my exams. I would like to thank Fener English for helping me whenever I needed it. Absolutely excellent institution! I recommend them to everyone.

Cabin Crew, Turkish Airlines

I am the mother of two children aged 12 and 17. I would definitely recommend Fener English for your children’s English education. It is a great advantage to have native English-speaking instructors who also know how to speak Turkish because they understand the common mistakes better. They also choose instructors according to your needs. If you are insufficient for speaking English and want to improve your daily English conversation skills, you will find it very useful.

Medical Professional, the mother of Arda and Nehir

Thanks to the lessons I took, I started to gain the information and competence I needed in all my communication and presentations related to my job. Speaking practice helped me a lot to complete my deficiencies. Thus, I became aware of the issues that I should pay attention to in speaking and writing. Their help and support is invaluable to me. Thank you so much for everything.

Sales Director, Global Hotel Chain

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