Tips for a Great Year

Everyone loves a fresh start. At the beginning of a new year, it’s time to dream again, time to think about all that we could be and accomplish. What happened in the last 365 days doesn’t matter because a new year is a clean slate.

History tells us this New Year’s zeal is short-lived. Gyms are packed the first week in January, and then they slowly become less and less crowded until the next year.

But what if this problem isn’t a lack of discipline or desire but a lack of appropriate planning and clarity on priorities? Over the next five days we’ll be sharing some of our favorite tools for planning in a way that leads to success, not guilt and failure. Because strategic planning is such a deeply held value for us, we will also be translating these tips into Turkish.

Tip 1 is the 6×6. If I’m on top of things I always have a 6×6. It’s so helpful for those “little things” of great importance but low urgency. See below for instructions and a sample 6×6.

The best is yet to come!