Mother’s Day

We love Mother’s Day because we are thankful for the opportunity to set aside a day to celebrate our moms worldwide! Moms work tirelessly, love sacrificially, and none of us would be who we are – or even be on the earth – without them!

When thinking about the best way to celebrate our moms this Mother’s Day, we want to choose the method that will make her feel the most loved, known, and significant. Everyone receives and gives love differently, but most people in the world receive love in one of five different ways we call the Love Languages. The Love Languages are 1) acts of service 2) words of affirmation 3) quality time 4) physical touch and 5) giving gifts.

Like a spoken language, love languages help us communicate effectively how we feel towards those we care about. We can spend all of our time and money on an elaborate gift for someone, but if they feel most loved just spending time with you, then you are not loving them in the way they can best experience love.

Which Love Language does your mom communicate love with? If you are unsure how your mom feels most loved, ask her some questions – when was a time in her life when she felt deeply loved? What was the most significant moment that someone showed loved to her? Usually you can tell from her responses, and from your own experiences with her in the past, which Love Language might be hers. We have shared 5 ways that will make your mother feel loved this Mother’s Day so you can express your love fully in a way she can receive it!

1. Acts of Service: Breakfast in bed and a clean house

Nothing says “I love you” like breakfast in bread and a clean house – especially to a mom who works hard to cook and clean for her family! A personal touch, like spending the time to make it yourself and putting thought into how it looks, is a great way to show her you were intentional about making her day special. If your mom receives love by acts of service, this is one of the best ways to show her how thankful you are for her!

2. Words of affirmation: A handwritten letter or poem

There is no way possible to express in words how thankful we are for our moms – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!

So many things that moms do can be taken for granted – and when you are young, you are not always able to understand what it costs her. Writing a letter sharing specific ways that you are thankful for her and remembering how well she has loved you through the years communicates that she is valuable and appreciated! Or, if you are creative and enjoy writing, write her a poem or a short story. It will be something she can keep and look back at to remember your love.

3. Quality time: Plan special time together

For those who feel most loved by quality time spent together, it doesn’t necessarily matter what you do, as long as you do it together! No matter how busy you are, if you make the effort to push pause on life to celebrate her, she will appreciate that you set aside time to spend with her. This could look like going to dinner together, going for a walk at a beautiful location, or simply spending time at home together. Don’t underestimate how valuable this time can be for your mom.

4. Physical touch: Be present and be near

This may seem small, but when someone’s Love Language is physical touch, simply a hug or sitting together can fill their heart more than other expressions. Physical presence and accessibility are incredibly important to communicate love to these people, so if your mom’s love language is physical touch, rethink sending her flowers and calling it a day. Instead, do what it takes to be with her – your presence and closeness will communicate that you care about her and know her!

5. Giving gifts: Make it meaningful and unique

If your mom’s Love Language is receiving gifts, then she will thrive on the thoughtfulness and effort put into a gift or gesture this Mother’s Day. It’s not about the expense: it is about how meaningful the gift is and displaying how well you know what she prefers and enjoys. The more unique and specific the gift, the better! This will be different according to the person, but gifts connected to shared memories is a great place to start. For example, a framed picture of you together or a painting of her canary. You know your mom best, so focus on meaning more than expense!

Usually, people are a combination of Love Languages with one that is dominant, so don’t feel limited! Maybe she feels loved by receiving gifts AND words of affirmation – Think about writing her something and having it framed for her to hang in her house. Or maybe she receives love from acts of service, but you really want to buy her flowers too – go for it! Keep in mind the individuality of your mom, and in the process of finding a way to best express love, you will develop a deeper understanding and respect for who she uniquely is!

Words and Expressions:

To sacrifice – to give up something valuable for the sake of others

Affirmation – encouragement or emotional support (usually using words)

Quality time – time in which one’s child, partner, or other loved person receives one’s undivided attention in a way that strengthens the relationship

Effectively – in a way that achieves a desired result

Elaborate – involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design

Personal touch – an element or feature contributed by someone to make something more meaningful

Taken for granted – to fail to properly appreciate someone or something, especially as a result of over-familiarity

Push pause – to stop doing something or take a break for a period of time

Underestimate – to think of something as smaller or less important than it really is

Accessibility – being able to be reached or available

Meaningful – significant, important, or worthwhile