Direct Translation Problems From Turkish to English

Fun vs Funny

Funny makes you laugh.
Your uncle is so funny!

Fun is used to describe something you enjoyed.
We had so much fun at the gala.


Nervous is not related to anger. It relates to excitement – maybe your palms are sweating, your heart is racing.
I’ve never spoken in front of this many people before. I’m really nervous about it.

Sharing Information (phrases we don’t say)

Instead of “I will inform you” or “I will give you news”, say, “I will let you know.”
Instead of “I will turn back to you,” say “I’ll get back with you.”
Never, ever say, “I said to him.” You should use, “I told him.”

Let’s practice these with a shadowing exercise:

Repeat after the speaker. (There will be a pause after each statement from the speaker. When the speaker pauses, repeat what she said and try to sound as much like her possible.)

I’ve never had so much FUN at a meeting!

My grandpa is a very FUNNY man. He makes us all laugh.

I’m having an operation next week, and I’m pretty nervous about it.

I’ll let you know when I get my flight schedule for this month.

I’m not sure about our plans for bayram – I’ll get back with you.

He told me he could meet on Friday.