The Biggest Mistake

It’s very common for Turks to KNOW a lot of English but fear speaking.

You’ve got to practice, friends.

Here are a few ways to practice:
-Find a friend to speak English with, even if they aren’t a native speaker.
-Practice speaking when you’re alone (yes, it sounds crazy, but it helps so much.)
-Learn words and write sentences using them.
-Do shadowing exercises.
-Take one-on-one lessons with a native speaker.

Here are a couple of basic shadowing exercises (using situations you might encounter in English!) to get you started.

Repeat after the speaker. (There will be a pause after each statement from the speaker. When the speaker pauses, repeat what she said and try to sound as much like her possible.)

Shadowing Exercise 1

-Do you speak English?
-Yes I do, but I don’t get a lot of practice. Please be patient with me. If you will speak slowly, i think I can understand. My vocabulary is good. Speaking is just difficult.

Shadowing Exercise 2

– Is Turkey a nice place to live?
-Turkey is a wonderful country. It’s very diverse, and there is so much history here. I feel that Turks do a good job trying to protect the history. We also have mountains, beaches, and then there’s Cappadocia – nothing in the world compares to it. You can eat healthy delicious food, and the best part is that our culture is very warm, and we love guests. You should definitely visit.