5 Phrases When You are at the Hotel

1) “How many beds are in the room?” (It could be a single or double room.)

In English when we want one bed in our hotel room, we ask for a single room. If we want two beds, we ask for a double room.

2) “Where are the elevators?”

You’ve checked in, gotten your room keys and you are ready to go to your room, but where are the elevators?

3) “Is there free breakfast?”

Not all hotels offer free breakfast, so this is an important question to ask.

4) “How do I call the front desk?”

Did you forget something? Maybe a toothbrush? Do you need more pillows or towels? This is a great question to ask so you know how to get what you need.

5) “When is the checkout time?”

You can ask this question at any point during your trip, but it’s probably best to know before the last day of your trip.

From checking in to asking about breakfast, to calling the front desk and checking out… we hope these phrases will help you travel with even greater confidence and ease! Don’t miss the next lesson in our travel series – 5 phrases to get you around the city.

Welcome to your 5 Phrases When You are at the Hotel

1) What do you say to the front desk when you are ready to leave the hotel?

2) “Where can I exchange money?” … What does the word exchange mean in this sentence?

3) True or False: You can call the front desk if you need more pillows and blankets